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Is Malware a Threat to Mobile Devices?

The volume of cyberthreats to mobile devices continues to increase as new applications (apps) and devices multiply. McAfee® reports that there were more than two million new mobile malware samples in 2013. Symantec™ reports that nearly 40 percent of mobile users have experienced mobile cybercrime in the past 12 months. Some experts estimate that nearly 10 percent of apps sold on particular platforms
are malicious.

Most mobile malware gets installed when a user visits an infected website, downloads a malicious app, or clicks on a link or an attachment. The following are examples of how to secure your mobile device:

  • Lock the device — An easy way for malware to get on a device is for someone to manually install it. Locking your device with a strong PIN/password makes unauthorized installation of apps more difficult.
  • Install apps from trusted sources — If an app is requesting more permissions than seems necessary, do not install it, or uninstall the app.
  • Keep operating systems and apps up to date — Manufacturers, and telecommunications and software providers regularly update their software to fix vulnerabilities. Make sure your device’s operating system and apps are regularly updated and running the most recent versions.
  • Use a mobile security software solution — Install anti-virus software, if available.
  • Block web ads or don’t click on them — Malware can find its way onto your mobile device through a variety of methods, including advertisements (ads). The malicious ads are called “malvertisements” and are especially dangerous because they’re often delivered through legitimate ad networks, and don’t appear as outright spam, but can lead to malicious websites when clicked on.
  • Don’t click suspicious links and attachments — It may be difficult to spot some phishing attempts, so it's important to be cautious about all communications you receive. Be careful when clicking on links or attachments contained within messages.
  • Disable unwanted services/calling — Capabilities, such as Bluetooth® provide an easy way for a nearby, unauthorized user to gain access to your data. Turn these features off when they're not required.
  • Don’t use public Wi-Fi — Smartphones are susceptible to malware and hacking when using unsecured public networks. To be safe, avoid logging into accounts, especially financial accounts, when using public wireless networks or free Wi-Fi hotspots.

Information courtesy of Shazam


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