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LinkedIn Phishing Scams

Recently, scammers have been attacking people with LinkedIn accounts using phishing e-mails claiming to be a LinkedIn Tech Support message. In these fake e-mails it is stated that "irregular activities" are happening on your LinkedIn account that require a mandatory security update of your account.

This is all a scam. The purpose of the emails is to get you to fill out an attached HTML form, which is a spoofed LinkedIn login page. What you fill out does not get you logged into the site but gets sent to the scammers who then own your account.

You can recognize this scam because the email spells LinkedIn as Linkedin (with a lowercase "i" in "In"). Here is an example of a sample scam email message:



Remember, "When in doubt, throw it out!"

Despite all the software and hardware protection layers in place, things slip by on a regular basis. The scammers have their own labs and run all the popular spam filters in-house, so they can test until they have a phishing attack that makes it through.

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