Do you have a question regarding the transition from First Farmers State Bank to Bank of Pontiac?  Check out our Merger FAQ!

First Farmers State Bank customers will soon be receiving a Merger Conversion Booklet in the mail. Please be on the lookout!

Download an electronic version of the Merger Conversion Booklet here

Merger FAQ

Competitive Rates

First Farmers State Bank has competitive rates designed to fit exactly what you're looking for.

Deposit Rate Specials

Effective Date: July 20, 2021

  |  Rates are subject to change

First Rate Specials1

Time Certificates of Deposit2

27 Months Min. Opening Deposit: $10,000

Min. Balance for APY Annual Percentage Yield3 Interest Rate
 $225,000  0.45%  0.45%
 $50,000  0.45%  0.45%
 $10,000  0.45%  0.45%


14 Months

Min. Balance for APY Annual Percentage Yield3 Interest Rate
 $225,000  0.35%  0.35%
 $50,000  0.35%  0.35%
 $10,000  0.35%  0.35%


1 - First Rate Specials will renew at the Traditional Time Certificate of Deposit rates and terms as outlined in account disclosures
2 - A penalty will be imposed for early withdrawal
3 - APY assumes interest will remain on deposit, capitalizing quarterly

Mortgage Rates

Effective Date: March 26, 2021  |  Rates are subject to change

Type Rate APR
30 Year Conventional Fixed 4.125% 4.145%
20 Year Conventional Fixed 4.250% 4.278%
15 Year Conventional Fixed 3.375% 3.410%

News You Need to Know

SIM Swap Scams: How to Protect Yourself

If your cell phone is your go-to device for checking your email, paying your bills, or posting to social media, you’re not alone.


But be sure you get them from THE ONLY official source.

First Farmers Offers Text Fraud Alerts!

Beginning Monday, September 24, we will alert you by text if we suspect your debit card was used in a fraudulent transaction.

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