Cryptocurrency Scams, More Than a “Bit” Unsettling

Many people are aware of the growing popularity of cryptocurrency. If you don’t know, cryptocurrency is digital currency that utilizes encryption methods to secure transactions – serving as a “no banks for your bucks” type service.

As the market grows, the value of cryptocurrency increases and it becomes more desirable. That being said, cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin and Ripple, appeal to a good number of individuals looking to make a promising investment. Unfortunately, the bad guys are making an investment of their own, which involves you being fooled!

The bad guys have been sending phishing emails claiming there was a bitcoin (BTC) transaction made to, or from, you. It mimics the alert you would normally receive from an online wallet. Within the email, it provides the option for you to view the transaction. Being an unexpected transaction, most would feel alarmed and fall victim to clicking on this! That’s when the bad guys win.

The best way to combat this scam? STAY ALERT! Before clicking within an email, always take a minute to hover over links to see where they are directing you. Invest the time before you lose a dime! Or coin?