Watch Out for COVID Fraud!

COVID-19 is creating an opportunity for many forms of fraud. Over the past year fraud has popped up impacting unemployment insurance, home loans, and many other financial items in your life.

First Farmers State Bank is committed to helping our customers protect themselves in many ways.

  1. We do not sell your information

If you receive a solicitation regarding a home warranty, mortgage payment relief, or anything like this it did not come from First Farmers. These            items use public information available on the internet to make you think you bought a product, or qualify for government assistance that is not                truthful. If the call does not come from First Farmers State Bank, or a piece of mail is not on our letterhead please contact your local branch to               determine if it is legit.

  1. We do not offer home warranties or other services

If you are contacted about any home warranty or similar service it is not from First Farmers State Bank. We do not sell home warranties, home             insurance or anything like that when we do a home loan for you.

  1. Use Shazam Brella to protect your debit card and connected accounts

Shazam Brella is a FREE mobile app offered by First Farmers State Bank that helps you keep tabs on your debit card. Brella provides:

    • Free text fraud alerts when we suspect your card may have been used fraudulently
    • Alerts when your card transaction occurs internationally or for an amount that exceeds a threshold you set
    • Receive alerts or text messages whenever a purchase is made where your debit card is not present (such as telephone or online purchases)
    • Block and unblock your debit card instantly if it’s lost, stolen or if you suspect questionable activity is occurring!

You can use Brella on a desktop/laptop computer using the Brella portal. Or, download the app for your mobile device today!

With this information and the Brella app we at First Farmers hope this helps keep your finances safe, allowing you to focus on those who depend on you!