Checking & Savings

Simplify Your Business with the Right Checking and Savings Account

At First Farmers, we make banking convenient for your business. Each of our business checking and savings accounts have been designed to add value to your business, whether you're an solopreneur, employ only a few people, or you have multiple locations and numerous employees.

First Farmers State Bank will help you find the right accounts for your business!

Person entering credit card information into mobile phone.

Business Checking Accounts

First Farmers State Bank works with businesses of all sizes. So whether you're the only employee or have five locations and hundreds of people on your team, we have a checking account that will fit your needs and help you get closer to your personal and business goals.

Business Savings Accounts

First Farmers State Bank offers convenient low-fee options to help you earn interest on funds you don't immediately need for the operation of your business or organization.

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