Fraud & Scam Alerts

Fraud & Scam Alerts

Is your First Farmers debit card lost or stolen?

During bank hours, call your preferred branch location. After hours, call Shazam at 800.383.8000. You can block your card from unauthorized transactions with the Shazam Bolts app! To order a new card, however, you will need to contact us directly.

Phone display that says a scammer is calling. There are buttons to accept or reject.

Do Not “Support” This Scam

May 9, 2018

Here’s the scenario… The customer of a large national bank felt uneasy. He had renewed his annual subscription for internet security but couldn’t access his computer. He had received a follow-up phone call from the company just after making his…

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Hands on computer keyboard with phishing alert title and symbol

Cryptocurrency Scams, More Than a “Bit” Unsettling

April 25, 2018

Many people are aware of the growing popularity of cryptocurrency. If you don’t know, cryptocurrency is digital currency that utilizes encryption methods to secure transactions – serving as a “no banks for your bucks” type service. As the market grows,…

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